SCTE Emeritus Certification Status

Emeritus Certification Status allows an individual to retain a professional title without the need to meet future recertification requirements. Emeritus Certification Status is open to members who have maintained active SCTE Certification by meeting SCTE recertification criteria continuously for a period of 21 years, without lapse. Achieving this status will eliminate the need to document and submit recertification units for the SCTE Certifications for which Emeritus status is sought.

Members who achieve SCTE Emeritus Certification Status will receive a special certificate and recognition in a variety of SCTE forums. They will use the designation "Emeritus" in their certification credentials e.g. "Broadband Premises Specialist – Emeritus" or "BPS-E".

Application Process

Completed  Emeritus Certification Status Applications will be reviewed by the appropriate SCTE Committee.


  • Maintain active, continuous SCTE Certification for a period of 21 years
  • In situations where a certification has lapsed and been reinstated, (for example, as a result of the 2000 amnesty period) the original certification date should be used to calculate Emeritus status
  • Submit the required Recertification Units (RUs)
  • A total of 12 recertification units (RUs) (21 RUs for BCE®, IPEP and DVEP) are required to maintain your certification without having to retake the exam
  • If you have not earned the minimum RUs, you may retake the exam, incurring the cost of the testing fee and the renewal application fee
  • Submit the required fee
  • Note that those with SCTE Retired Certification Status will not be eligible for SCTE Emeritus Certification status if RUs have not been submitted within the established Recertification timeframe

View the list of individuals who have earned Emeritus Certification status



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